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The history of Custom Bikes leads us to go back to 1950, the time when the Second World War was over. During the time, young people, mostly in the US Army, didn’t miss the opportunity of getting a motorcycle free of cost. Most of those bikes came from two renowned North American brands named Indian and Harley Davidson. Young people then started to modify the motorbikes by separating the characteristic bikes aesthetics of that time. Workshops and garages came up to customize their motorbikes and also the first history of custom bikes, came to be used by the people.


Custom bikes, customized or modified according to the requirement of users, are getting popular day by day. Their attractive appearance has made them well-liked. As soon as people have a glimpse of the bikes, they are lured to have them to take for a test drive and show them off at any local events. Besides, different styles of these custom bikes also have made them popular. Custom bikes own a perfect look that can’t be found on any other bike. Go to your preferred bike shop to get the one that involves the specifications you like to have.

If you are an adventure lover and enthusiast biker, a custom bike is great to fill you with thrilling excitements. With a customized bike, even without much investment, you are able to get yourself into shape and enhance your skills.


The custom plan and details of these bikes are quite interesting. No matter classic or recent, custom bikes will impress the people around you and yourself as well.

They are not just for people on the road, many companies now build and sell these bikes, made exclusively for the adventure of off-road dirt biking and mountain cycling.


There are several amazing bikes to select from if you are interested in any of these exclusive motorcycles. Cowboy Custom Bikes are one such company that specializes in customized bikes for the off-road aficionado. They offer different models of bikes for whatever type of riding you are interested in.


Cushman offers a wide selection of sport bikes, which are very lightweight, have performance parts that are not found in regular motorcycles, and have many amazing parts designed for off-road use only.


If you want to ride around desert by day and ride up a giant mountain by night, you and your friends can rely on Cowboy Custom Bikes.